Wake the force in you, the Vital Force, and turn your difficulties into stepping stones that will guide you toward reaching your goals.


We provide a wide range of consulting services for all walks of life; from business owners to scientists, and teenagers to elders.

Why should someone use our consulting services?

It is not our intention to give you a sales pitch and try to get you to use our services, nor do we want to compete with other consulting services available to you.

Most of us are naturally hesitant to seek advice from a consultant or anyone. However, even presidents use consultants to assist them with their decision making process. It is a wise investment to have a consultant on your side or on your team for all your important decision making needs in life, work, or business.

When choosing any consultant, it is wise to get a feel for the consultant and his or her philosophy, knowledge of the subject, and his or her approach to consulting. To understand the depth of our consulting services, we highly encourage you to read the “Our Services,” “About Us” and “Our Philosophy” sections of this website. If you like what you read and if it fits your personal temperament, then you can comfortably make a wise decision.

You can use our consulting services in one of two ways: as a one-time consulting session or ongoing, long-term or lifetime consulting sessions.  All consulting sessions can be customized to fit your needs and your budget. And if you choose to use our service, you have the freedom to choose your consulting plan according to your needs, choose the number of consulting hours per year that fits into your budget, and pay monthly. You can use your consulting hours during any time of the year to discuss anything on your mind.

Mental clarity is the number one ingredient for any success: mental, emotional, or financial.

Since schools don’t teach us how to find mental clarity, most of us are unaware of the power of it. Our expertise can absolutely help you find mental clarity so you can make sound decisions and find freedom from any of your personal or professional difficulties or frustrations.

Here are some ways you can use our consulting services:

  • When making important decisions in life, work, or business, you can count on our expertise to assist you in making wise and thoughtful decisions.
  • When faced with major frustrations, disappointments, anger, fear, regrets, or worries, you can use our service to help you find the mental clarity that can put out the fire of your negative emotions.
  • To help you find the unique profession or business which you are meant for and which can bring you inner fulfilment.
  • To help you define and set meaningful goals in your personal or professional life.
  • To help you implement a plan of action to reach your goals.
  • And much more…

Mental clarity has the power to shine a light of wisdom into the dark corners of our life or consciousness and brings us freedom from our unexamined fears, worries, and doubts perpetuated by the mind.

The greatest investment one can make in life is the investment in oneself. Once you understand the force within you, you will understand the forces that govern your life, career, finances, business, or anything that you set your mind to.

Even if you don’t have a need for our consulting services at the moment, we still believe that the reading materials on our website are educational and beneficial to your business, professional, or personal development. So, we encourage you to read as much as you can and gain the knowledge and wisdom necessary to expand your self-awareness, an essential tool for any development or growth.

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